WiseWoman® Energetics for Your Support

6-Month, 3-Month or 1-Month Creative Process

WiseWoman® transformational energy work and consulting is for you if you need healing support to transform your life.

Do you find yourself in a challenging life situation?

Would you like to make a change, but don’t know how?

Are you ready to play with the Universe and discover new possibilities?

Practical Guidance and Transformational Energy Work

Transformational energy work reaches into all of your energy bodies, and allows release in various subtle realms of consciousness. 

Though the consulting part you discover tools of creation and manifestation. You learn to focus your thoughts, to raise your vibration and make choices from the truth of who you are.

Let’s play with the Universe together!

We begin with a mapping session to plan our journey with your personalised focus.
You will receive a combination of ideas, tools and inspiration with deep energy and consciousness work.
Bonus energy support as needed (no need to coordinate)

Are you ready to play and invest in yourself?

Book your complementary clarity session.

Let’s talk to make sure we are a perfect match to play with the Universe together.

Our initial meeting doesn’t obligate you in any way. It is my gift to you.

  1. Please answer some questions on your life to begin opening the playfield.
  2. We set up your complimentary virtual/live meeting, which is like an open door, already by itself an opportunity to shift.
  3. Then, if you so choose, we begin with your customized sessions.

*** If you have worked with me before and are considering your next level and a new package, please feel free to book a clarity session, or send me an email directly at info@wisewoman.fi.

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