My name is Ulla Suokko and  I invite you to join me to play with the Universe, and to see the signs of the Universe. As a musician, storyteller, transformation and energy healing guide, it is my greatest joy to guide you into clarity of your own story,  listening to your own music within, so that you can trust yourself, your life and the Universe.

In addition to being an international concert artist with a Doctoral degree from The Juilliard School, Ulla Suokko is an energy intuitive, transformation guide, Light Ascension Master/Teacher, VortexHealing® Energetics practitioner, sound healer, and the owner of her spiritual empowerment business, WiseWoman®.

A consummate storyteller and speaker, her TEDx Talk “Do you see the Signs of the Universe” has more than two million views, and her first book Signs of the Universe, A Practical Guide to Shift Your Story is available worldwide.

With her down-to-earth sense of humor and playful lightness, she guides you to anchor the secrets, mysteries and miracles of the Universe into your human experience in your own unique way.  With her undivided presence, she helps you to be authentically present, to reawaken the memory of your purpose, to clear the programming and to heal the wounds of your old limiting stories, to choose consciously, courageously and with crystalline clarity the elements of your new story.

Ulla invites you to let go of any limiting story and to activate the next level of your matrix of possibility. She opens up a playfield to imagine, to feel, to sense, to remember, to dream, to heal, to receive, to know, to trust, to create, to journey, to live the love story of your life with yourself, and to step into a new transformational space of Leadership of Love.

You are a flute through which the infinite makes music. You are the breath through which the Universe breathes. You are the story and the storyteller.

Allow the energy that creates worlds to flow through you and create as you.

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