I would be honoured to be in your team for your success and freedom.

Even if you’re a successful professional, you may still sense that something is missing or holding you back. Together, we’ll explore the possibilities and discover blind spots, so you can step into your true potential.

Are you perhaps yearning for a deeper sense of purpose?
Or ready to explore your unique role in the Universe?
Do you need support in navigating life’s challenges?

Transformational mentoring and energy healing

The powerful combination of my WiseWoman® transformational mentoring process and VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing* sessions will help you discover inner freedom and lead you to understand the laws of the miraculous Universe so you can embody the miracle that you truly are and become the master of your own life.

Book a call with me today and let’s explore the infinite possibilities together.

Let’s shift your matrix of possibility and transform your life!

What Clients Say…

“Ulla has always exceeded any expectation I might have had.”

“Thanks Ulla. I started feeling the clarity right as we were talking. I’m inspired.”

“You are such a brilliant teacher and I have learnt so much.”

“In her coaching Ulla always empowered me to follow my path with clarity and wisdom. She has an amazing way to empower her clients on their journey.”

“Ulla is talented, gifted, compassionate, wise and beautiful, inside and out. My session with her was life changing.”

“Ulla’s unique way of getting to the core of things ever-so-rapidly is simply Ah-mazing.”

“Even if I was sceptic at the beginning, wasn’t sure what I was getting in…at the end it was so rewarding, brought me some great insights and amazing tranquility! Ulla is supportive, thoughtful, caring, and with gentle guidance full of understanding…. simply wonderful!”

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"WiseWoman® Energetics" is a complementary mentoring and consulting service and uses complementary energetic healing tools. It is not a replacement for medical treatment. Please consult your physician for medical issues in addition to any complementary healing you receive.
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