Creative Coaching Process & Intuitive Healing System

Play with the Universe: Shift Your Story

Are you ready to choose to shift your story and live with ease, grace and lightness?

Are you willing to let go of limitations, but don’t know how to make a permanent shift?

I know it can feel hard to shift on your own, but you don’t have to.

Let me be your guide to clarity and transformation.

Do you hear the call?

Creative Coaching Process

If you are ready to commit to

• a more complete shift
• a sustainable transformation
• a new life story

then my creative coaching process is here to help you shift your story and embody the new you.

Could you use support now?

Instant Shift

If you would like instantaneous

• energy boost
• sounding board
• support & direction

then book this 30-minute power session, which leaves you with clarity, peace and inspiration.

I have a gift for you: A free video class

Receive 5 videos & a playsheet

Embody the first key to consciously shifting anything.

Would you like to be inspired and supported to choose the best story for your life? Would you like to receive this gift now?

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What others say

Dear Ulla,

I want to say a big thank you for the amazing time l have had Playing with the Universe.

You are such a brilliant teacher and I have learnt so much.

You explain matters of the Universe with such clarity and beauty and this has helped me to know myself and recognize false stories and move forward on this exciting path.

I will continue working with the play sheets as there is so much there to learn from and explore.

Geraldine (UK)

Thanks Ulla. I started feeling the clarity right as we were talking. I’m inspired.

No Ulla, I won’t fall into the small story and yes I’m starting right here right now, being the best me, telling my new story.

I’m inspired and at the same time humbled that you took your time to personally chat with me.

I felt the love, inspiration, and oh yes, this is the moment my life changes, I wont look back.

Much love. Thank you… I’m deeply touched.

Anold - Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

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