Heal with the Universe –  Play with the Universe

Would you like to shift your reality?  Let me guide you to do exactly that.
Wherever you are in the world, I am here for you.


It can feel frustrating not being able to trust your intuition.


Would you like to change, but don’t know how?


How about joy, peace, love, clear vision, freedom?

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1. Take 5 minutes to answer a few questions on your life.

2. We’ll set up a time for your consultation. The email will come from info@wisewoman.pe

3. We focus energies for what you need at this time and move into clarity and light.

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What others say

Dr. Clare McCord

No matter what the project or how the day is going, she can always coax the magic from YOU and help you to manifest your work with a uniquely powerful energy and light.

Dr. Clare McCordClareMcCord.com
Kaija Solana

I’m impressed by the way Ulla works: she totally commits to her client and gives not only her professionalism, but her enthusiasm, energy and love for people and work.

Kaija SolanaKaijaSolana.com
Pam McMahon

My session with her several years ago was life changing. I recommend her services to all who choose to dive deeply into their healing!

Pam McMahon Transformational Breathwork Facilitator, Reiki Master Teacher at Heartspace Center Of ONEness
Andreas Schindler

With her support I was able to heal old traumas and to become so much more conscious and present in my life. Thank you Ulla, you have changed my life forever.

Andreas SchindlerCEO & Founder of Schindler IT Solutions, Austria
Cristina Pavey

Dear Ulla, You show to everyone with such simplicity and purity, what we can achieve when following our dreams and asking for Divine Guidance when being at a crossroad.

Cristina PaveyOwner at Flow of Life Wellness Services
Jean E. Greenland

Ulla walked with me through each step. Her energy sparkles and transforms, she leads from her heart with advice that is also down to earth and practical.

Jean E. GreenlandJourneyDeepWithin.com
Mel Sailor

She has refined her crafts to a place very few people ever reach while they are still residing in the earthly realm!

Mel Sailor Independent Health, Wellness and Fitness Professional

Message after a recent clarity consultation

Thanks Ulla. I started feeling the clarity right as we were talking. I’m inspired.

No Ulla, I won’t fall into the small story and yes I’m starting right here right now, being the best me, telling my new story.

I’m inspired and at the same time humbled that you took your time to personally chat with me.

I felt the love, inspiration, and oh yes, this is the moment my life changes, I wont look back.

Much love. Thank you… I’m deeply touched.

Anold - Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

Message after a recent 12-part Playing with the Universe playshop

Dear Ulla,

I want to say a big thank you for the amazing time l have had Playing with the Universe.

You are such a brilliant teacher and I have learnt so much.

You explain matters of the Universe with such clarity and beauty and this has helped me to know myself and recognize false stories and move forward on this exciting path.

I will continue working with the play sheets as there is so much there to learn from and explore.

Geraldine (UK)
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