• Healing

Do you need peace, clarity or support?

There are times we feel uncertain, unclear, or even stuck.

Life can give us challenges that are overwhelming or feel heavy to handle.

It can feel as if there was no way out.

Could this be the perfect moment to invest in you?

You don’t have to know how to move through. You only need to be willing and committed.

I would be honored to be in your support team.

 I look forward to sharing with you all that I have learned and keep learning in my 3-decade practice as a transformation and healing guide with clients from 67 different countries.

As we work at a distance, we can team up right where you are.

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What others say

Simply wonderful!

I have had a one-month consultation package with WiseWoman® Ulla Suokko. For me it has been a wonderful experience! Even if I was sceptic at the beginning, wasn’t sure what I was getting in…at the end it was so rewarding, brought me some great insights and amazing tranquility! Ulla is supportive, thoughtful, caring, and with gentle guidance full of understanding…. simply wonderful!

There are no coincidences in this world, so I’ve learned. It was no coincidence that Ulla and her coaching came to my life in the perfect moment! I’ve enjoyed it so much. And I’m very grateful for the experience!

Bojana Aleksic (Vienna)

Dear Ulla,

I want to say a big thank you for the amazing time l have had Playing with the Universe.

You are such a brilliant teacher and I have learnt so much.

You explain matters of the Universe with such clarity and beauty and this has helped me to know myself and recognize false stories and move forward on this exciting path.

I will continue working with the play sheets as there is so much there to learn from and explore.

Geraldine (UK)

Thanks Ulla. I started feeling the clarity right as we were talking. I’m inspired.

No Ulla, I won’t fall into the small story and yes I’m starting right here right now, being the best me, telling my new story.

I’m inspired and at the same time humbled that you took your time to personally chat with me.

I felt the love, inspiration, and oh yes, this is the moment my life changes, I wont look back.

Much love. Thank you… I’m deeply touched.

Anold - Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
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