WiseWoman® Sound Healing

Voice, Drum, Crystal Flute, Crystal Singing Bowl, Chimes

We are vibrational beings living in a vibrational Universe.

Sound with intention is a powerful tool for transformation.

Sound healing can empower, energise, activate, inspire, harmonise, balance, clear, clarify, nurture, and more.

Guided Meditations and Activations

New Beginning Activation
Sacred Union of the Divine Feminine and Masculine Within
Healing the Inner Child: Forgiveness
Love of Your Life: You
Receive a Sign from the Universe
Activate Your Highest Vision
Abundance Flow
Meeting Your Guide

Transformational energy work combined with sound reaches deep into our system allowing profound shifts that ultimately lead to true transformation. 

Email me to book your sound healing session now

Remember to let me know where in the world you are to calculate the time difference.

Sessions are done via Zoom. Please use headphones.

We talk for a moment to see what you need and what serves you most.

Audio is sent to you after your session.

Each session is 45 minutes.

Special 97 EUR / 144 EUR

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