Do you hear the call?

Light Ascension Reiki 1&2 Online

18 hours of class time (this includes breaks)
Individual activations via Zoom
Certification via email
Email support for any questions after class

Bonus Meetings

1. A Reiki Share Circle via Zoom (time to be determined)

2. How to do Reiki professionally (time to be determined)

Small groups. Individual attention.

Next class dates in August 2020

Let me know if you wish to be notified when the dates are published.

Light Ascension Reiki 1

The first level of Reiki allows a profound space for self-healing, self-acknowledgment, and hands-on Reiki energy work.

  • Individual activation for Reiki for each student
  • What is Reiki?
  • How does Reiki work?
  • Brief history of Reiki: From Sensei Usui to You
  • Chakras: Their functions and how to balance them
  • Self-Healing with Reiki
  • Working with your inner healer
  • Expand creativity, awareness and intuition
  • Hands-on Reiki for plants, animals, family members
  • Meeting Your Reiki Guide Meditation

The Power Center: Pineal Gland
The Light Key: Trust

Light Ascension Reiki 2

The second level of Reiki allows Reiki at a distance and empowerment through Usui Reiki symbols.

  • Individual activation for Reiki 2 for each student
  • Power Symbol: Empowerment & Protection
  • Mental-Emotional Symbol: Clarity & Peace
  • Distance Symbol: Reiki anywhere in time and space
  • Full Reiki Treatment for others – Can be done at distance or in person
  • The use of the symbols for yourself and for others: Healing, harmonizing, balancing, clearing, manifesting, empowering
  • Bonus light code activation: Abundance

The Power Center: Pituitary Gland
The Light Key: Imagination, Intuition

What you need to know to prepare

1. Download the application
2. Watch the Zoom Tutorial on how to Join a Meeting
3. Practice using Zoom prior to class
4. You will need a computer, tablet or smartphone with audio and video
5. Plan to attend the entire class and plan ahead of time how to take care of kids or pets
6. Participate in all activities
7. Use video during all classes.
8. We act and interact as if we were in a classroom together.

This class offers education and support with proven techniques and practical tools to assist in the student’s personal and professional development, always fully respecting each individual’s free will and unique soul path. In the end each student carves their own Reiki path and takes full responsibility on how the curriculum serves their path and purpose.

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