Some Book and CD Recommendations

Books or CDs that I personally have found inspiring, useful or life-changing

Come back often, I will keep adding to this. Enjoy!

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Mythologist Michael Meade

Mythologist and visionary Michael Meade’s latest book, Awakening the Soul is on my shopping list. Even though haven’t read it, it is definitely a high recommendation. Amazing thinker and storyteller, Michael is one of the most brilliant people I have ever met. He has been an important mentor for me and an important influencer for so many. The book just came out a week or so ago!

As I travel a lot, I always love to keep myself inspired and learning on the road. Michael is one of the voices that accompany me all over the world. His audios like Branches of Mentoring are a steady source of inspiration. I have listened to all his work so many times and every time there is something new! Sometimes I can’t listen because I get so overwhelmingly inspired that I have to stop! Thank you Michael for your amazing spirit and for sharing your gift and wisdom!

Ken Robinson

Ken Robinson, an internationally recognized leader in the development of creativity, innovation, and human resources, is incredibly inspiring and witty with a brilliant mind, great heart and a wonderful British humor!

Be inspired! Here is a video of his that has been watched for well over 15,000,000  times!!!!

Simon Sinek

Powerful insights about how to rethink marketing and leadership. Simon Sinek is a very inspiring thinker. He explains how finding your “why” is the most powerful thing to change your life and business.

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