Raise Your Vibration

Because Everything Is Just a Frequency Away

What is your vibration right now? What is your frequency?

What if the universe was inviting you to dance, to play, and to experience conscious creation?

Breathe in the energies of the earth through your feet.
Breathe in the energies of the sky through the top of your head.
Feel how your spine lengthens and is filled with light.
Imagine a space of freedom within your heart.

The Matrix of Possibilities

Give yourself space to pause and to know. Space to choose. To create new ways of thinking that make you feel lighter. To move towards what you want to see manifest. Know that you have the power to tell your story the way you want it. Everything that makes you feel lighter, and that makes you feel better, raises your vibration. With the raising of your vibration, the matrix of possibilities changes.

To reset: Look up and breathe

If you notice an old thought, see it with gentleness, without judgment. Then choose another thought. We often think we are stuck with what is, or look for someone else to save us, or to change for us. We give our power away. That lowers our vibration immediately. To reset: Look up and breathe. Start a habit of thanking yourself, supporting yourself, approving yourself and honoring yourself in everything you do. It is quite simple to create and to manifest, but it requires gentle attention, loving consciousness and an honest inventory of thoughts and emotions.

Gentleness is the key

When things are hard, it is better not to try to climb the whole mountain all at once, but to take small, every day kind of steps, practical steps, being present, listening, loving, learning, nurturing, forgiving, healing. Remember, there is always support for you.


Every moment is a possibility to pause and to choose and to change. Every moment is a moment of creation, a doorway, an opportunity, an invitation.  Your power lies in being present within your own consciousness, within your own body in direct alignment with the truth of your unique path, with the truth of your soul, if you may. The truth is that you are way greater you ever thought possible. The earth and the heavens support you. The energy that creates universes flows through you. You are it. It is you.

Be your truth.
Be your own permission.
Own your life.


Make sure to contact me if you would like to know more about any sessions or teamwork packages. In the meantime, much light and lightness!