Elevate your vision, vibration and magnetism!

Let’s unlock your potential and set energies in motion for the Universe to conspire on your behalf.

You may choose an overall grand vision or focus on one or two areas of your life.

In your package, you will receive:

  • 22 journaling questions to begin stirring the energies
  • Three private 60-minutes Zoom sessions with me
  • Additional questions and homework between sessions as needed
  • A new elevated vision delivered and activated during your third session
  • An audio meditation of your new vision for you to keep and use

Together, we clear, clarify, awaken, elevate and activate your highest vision so that you may then take inspired action aligned with your authentic purpose, value and the truth of who you are.

One time investment of 333€, includes all applicable taxes (Reg. 450€)

After making the payment, you will receive the set of 22 questions immediately, and I’ll be in touch to schedule our first Zoom session.


“Ulla has always exceeded any expectation I might have had.”

“Thanks Ulla. I started feeling the clarity right as we were talking. I’m inspired.”

“You are such a brilliant teacher and I have learnt so much.”

“In her coaching Ulla always empowered me to follow my path with clarity and wisdom. She has an amazing way to empower her clients on their journey.”

“Ulla is talented, gifted, compassionate, wise and beautiful, inside and out. My session with her was life changing.”

“Ulla’s unique way of getting to the core of things ever-so-rapidly is simply Ah-mazing.”

“Even if I was sceptic at the beginning, wasn’t sure what I was getting in…at the end it was so rewarding, brought me some great insights and amazing tranquility! Ulla is supportive, thoughtful, caring, and with gentle guidance full of understanding…. simply wonderful!”


by Ulla Suokko, Concert Flutist & Sound Healer

Includes 0% tax

Go through the ear to the center
where sky is, where wind,
where silent knowing.


    1. Be still and listen (alto flute  7:58)
    2. …to the Wisdom (bass flute 4:41)
    3. …of your Heart (flute 8:48)
    4. Have courage (alto flute 6:52)
    5. …to love and to live (bass flute 5:40)
    6. …in the present moment (flute 7:49)
    7. Fear not (alto flute 6:23)
    8. Be healed and be blessed (bass flute 6:31)
    9. Pass it on (alto flute 2:31

Allow the flute to create a soothing, relaxing, healing space of sound and silence, where you can tune into your heart and receive what you need at this moment.

The duration of the whole album is 57:12 and the samples give you a good idea of the pace, which is maintained throughout, making it a perfect accompaniment not only for meditation, healing, bodywork or yoga, but also painting, writing, dreaming, sleeping or just being.

Includes 0% tax


Some Comments

This glorious album is a treasure. It is my go to de-stresser and a soothing aid to meditation. I cannot recommend it enough. I keep a copy on my tablet so when I am traveling I have it within reach wherever I am. It is both beautiful and extraordinarily healing, too. 


My father, who suffers from the after effects of annurysm, says that he feels less pain when he listens to Ulla’s music. He listens to it every day and he does not get tired of it! 


I have recommended her music to friends who have raved about the music. I highly recommend it to people who practice yoga or people looking for relaxing music that will let them get away from a stressful day.


Bridge Of Light music soothes me into a restful place after a hectic workday, or sets a mood of peace and tranquility when I want to relax with friends.