Trust Yourself, Trust Your Signs and Guidance
5 Practical Tips

The Universe is always in communication with you, but sometimes it can be hard to discern its messages. Is something that happens merely a coincidence, or is there a deeper significance?

Authentic presence and vibrational alignment enable you to stay open and receptive not only to the creative flow of the Universe but also to your own innate creativity and intuition.

When you learn to trust yourself, you also learn to recognize and trust your signs and guidance.

I invite you to play with the Universe and explore answers within yourself.

Remember, you are the expert of your signs. It is between you and the Universe. The better you know yourself, the clearer your communication with the Universe.

Tip 1: Quiet Time

Take a few minutes each day to sit quietly. Breathe. Allow yourself to just be. Feel the space within you. If your mind wanders, let it. Don’t engage with it. Bring your focus back to the space and spaciousness within you. Imagine the entire Universe flowing through you. Gently begin to envision and feel yourself in your highest vision: happy, healthy, confident, purposeful, thriving.

Whenever you find yourself caught in a story or cycle, feel the ground beneath your feet and draw in the energy of the earth with each inhale. Focus on the sensation of air flowing in through your feet, and release it gently through your mouth. Feel yourself grounding with each breath until your mind and body are fully attuned to your breathing. Shake your body to release any tension or heaviness.

Taking quiet time each day prepares you to listen to your intuition and interpret it accurately.

Here is a brief guided meditation to help you ground yourself and become present in the infinite flow of possibility.

Tip 2: Connect with Nature

Spend time in nature and observe the world around you. Notice details, colors, textures, elements, movement, growth, and living beings. As you attune to the natural world, you may begin to notice sensations reflecting your own inner world and guiding you on your path. Receive support from everything around you, noticing things big and small. Feel the earth as it supports you with each step you take. Connect with the trees, feeling their roots, bark, and their reach for the sky.

Sense how you are part of a miraculous living system and part of the infinite Universe, and find solace in knowing that deep down you are never alone.

Genuine presence allows you to be open and receptive to the creative flow of the Universe. The more present you become, the clearer the signs become.

Tip 3: Listen to Your Body

Changing your physiology alters your biochemistry. Dance, stretch, embrace playfulness. Make a deliberate choice to allow movement and flow in your body.

Pay attention to the physical sensations in your body. See if you can teach yourself to sense “yes” and “no” in your body. Your intuition often communicates through feelings such as tightness, openness, warmth, tingling, or shivers. By learning to recognize and interpret your own bodily sensations, you can begin trusting your ‘gut’ feeling and make clearer choices that resonate with your inner guidance.

Tip 4: Vibration: Gratitude and Inspiration

Feeling is vibration. Vibration is how you communicate with the Universe and how your brain and body interpret your reality, shaping your story. When you raise your vibration, your matrix of possibility expands, making more of it available to you.

Gratitude is perhaps the most powerful tool to raise your vibration. It’s not just about making lists of things; it’s about truly pausing for a moment to feel the vibration. It’s better to deeply feel one thing than to list 100 without genuine emotion.

Moreover, anything that inspires you, brings you joy, or makes you smile raises your vibration. It’s as simple as that. Find ways to stay curious, creative, and inspired.

Tip 5: Journaling

Write down any signs or synchronicities that you notice throughout the day. This can be anything from seeing repeated numbers or symbols to having a strong gut feeling about something. By journaling on these experiences and their possible meaning, you can start to identify patterns and themes that may be significant to you. You begin to create your own lexicon of your language with the Universe.

Preferably, write by hand, as it taps into the depths of your creative brain.

Some Journaling Ideas

Write about a sign or coincidence you noticed today. What was it, and how did it make you feel?

Describe a symbol or number that has caught your attention recently. What do you think it means for you?

Recall a time when you had a strong gut feeling about something. What was the situation, and what did you do?

Think about a decision you need to make. Ask for guidance from the Universe and journal about any insights you receive.

Imagine your ideal life in alignment with the Universe. Describe what it looks and feels like, and how you can move closer to it each day.

Let’s Play Together

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