I am available for workshops for groups and individuals. We can create workshop on any topic that would serve you or your community.

Feel free to contact me to create a customized workshop for you.

Instant Shift
Just a Frequency Away

What if anything you imagined you ever wanted was right here? Just a frequency away. Come play with how sound can raise your vibration and shift your consciousness to match your dreams. Using breath, sound and movement we harmonize, heal, balance, clear, transmute, upgrade, uplift and ascend. We also learn some fun, gentle, practical tools for your everyday life. Transformation and shift here and now, in an instant!

As we awaken our inner listening and expand our multidimensional imagination, we discover possibilities for instant alchemy to create the life we want. Using both ancient and present systems of healing sounds, we raise our vibration and recompose our life’s music to resonate with our dreams and visions, with the truth of who we are.

  • Practical tools
  • Come prepared for a shift