Instant Shift Session

If you need help right now, this laser session is for you. The instant shift session lasts about 20 minutes. It goes directly into raising your vibration without any story. The whole session is done via Skype or WhatsApp.

  • grounding, elevating and expanding
  • moving towards more lightness and relief immediately

One Instant Shift Session $57.00

Full Energy Healing Session

Each individual full distant energy session contains three parts:
1. Skype or phone consultation with Instant Shift energy and tools
2. Full energy transmission (we end with Skype and you lie down to receive)
3. Email follow-up

One Full Distant Energy Session $150.00

Three Full Distant Energy Sessions $330

Because energy knows no time or space, it is possible to channel beautiful and powerful energies for you wherever you are in this world. In person sessions also available in Cusco, Peru or anywhere where I travel.

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